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David Macaulay worked as a journalist on national and regional newspapers for more than 20 years before setting up Veritas Legal Media in early 2012. He has been a features editor, a political correspondent covering Parliament in London, a copy editor on a national newspaper and a local government correspondent in the United States. He has won six writing awards – three from the Virginia Press Association and three from the North Carolina Press Association. He specializes in online marketing and it the marketing director of a personal injury law firm.

David worked with law firms for more than five years, helping them redesign their websites, create video and make their content more relevant and friendly to searches as well as providing regular blog and article content. He has rewritten the websites of law firms to maximize SEO.  As well as writing web content, he creates infographics  and is a videographer.

David Macaulay

Veritas Legal Media has worked with clients in Virginia, Colorado, West Virginia, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas.

Just like traditional news companies, David realized many law firms were struggling to come to terms with the new normal in terms of attracting clients. We are all familiar with the small town law firm that relies on word of mouth and reputation, whose partners reluctantly agree to set up a static and old-fashioned looking website, falsely believing themselves to be on the cutting edge of the technological revolution.

At other law firms the issue is a more subtle one. Their website contains solid and well researched content but its presentation is muddled, it contains complex legal jargon and clichés or it’s not presented in a user friendly way that will drive new business to their site. Veritas Legal Media will revamp and update material on existing sites as well as creating new content.

Increasingly, law firms are coming to realize the importance of having a legal blog. A blog is the virtual front door to the firm that’s open even when the firm’s doors are closed. A recent survey found about 60 percent of firms now have blogs and almost half of those say blogs and social networking sites have brought in new clients.

Although law firms operate on a business model that’s more stable than that of newspapers, it’s clear that they face challenges too in a recession that has seen the drastic slowing down of real estate transactions and more potential clients settling with insurance companies instead of holding out for a more equitable settlement by hiring an attorney.

Increasingly, regularly updated blogs, informative articles and frequent status updates on Twitter, Facebook or whatever the next innovation in social media may be, are seen as vital to law firms that want to stay progressive, keep up with the times and attract the next generation of clients. That’s where Veritas Legal Media comes into the picture.

Veritas has been hired to re-write the websites of attorneys where the pages have been unimaginative and out of date. We offer a number of other potential services including:

  • Press releases on lawsuits and verdicts
  • Books for attorneys across a variety of areas
  • Verdict and settlement reports
  • Working on client testimonials
  • Public alert and public comment press releases
  • Building up lawyer profiles on a wide range of websites
  • Social media optimization
  • Story pitches to get the word out

Veritas is based in Hampton Roads, Virginia and offers a service to law firms as well as other companies across the United States.

David Macaulay

Contact us at 757-582-1836, email veritaslegalmedia@hotmail.com

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